About The Site

Updated on August 30, 2016.

This site started life back in April 2009. Since then I keep gravitating between actively updating it and ignoring it completely, with an occasional burst where I fiddle around with the backend and design.


The source code for this site is hosted on Github. This site is licensed under the Creative Commons public domain license.


Content Generation

The site is served as static HTML content, which is generated using Hakyll. Hakyll is not the easiest tool to generate static sites, but it is very powerful and customisable. It uses Pandoc to process textual content. Compilation rules are written in a Haskell based EDSL. This make it easy to generate content like the book lists (for e.g. see 1, 2), which are backed by flat files that store book info in JSON format.


CSS for the site is generated using SASS language. MegaType is used for typography.


The site is hosted on Amazon S3, and uses Amazon Route 53 for DNS management.

I went through a bit of pain to get Cool URIs to work properly. The tools available out there do not deal well with text files that do not have an extension. I wrote my own uploader, because s3cmd was not sniffing MIME-types correctly. Both the web server and uploader were written in Go.