Book List 2006–2009

Posted on January 1, 2010.

The list below is organised according to my interests, rather than a more technical categorization. Some books may have overlapping categories, but I have put it in the most appropriate one.

Use the shortcut links below to access each individual category:

Fiction – Indian Subcontinent Related

Science Fiction

I would love to read more science fiction (not a big fan of fantasy though), but I don’t like a lot of SF out there. Some of my views about current science fiction are nicely put forward by Judith Berman.

Other Fiction

Computers, Software, Technology and Design

History, Culture, Politics & Travel

This list should ideally be divided into two, India-related books go into one and the rest into the other.

Economics, Business & Personal MBA

I have been a big fan of the Personal MBA, since its inception around 2004. My first books in this category were taken from the original list. Since then, I have developed a more specific interest in Economics and Game Theory.


Other Non-fiction