Posted on December 1, 2014.

Notes from Sociology, a MOOC on Open2Study.

Module 1: The Sociological Imagination

Topic 1: The Sociological Imagination

“It made much sense to me to understand what was happening with individuals, why we behave the way that we did, why some people in their lives seem to have so many misfortunes and others much more fortunate. It made so much sense to me to look outside of psychological or individualistic explanations and understand instead how a society can impact on us, how it can impact on the way that we think and the things that we do.”

Topic 2: Social Structure vs Social Agency

Topic 3: Why Sociologists Use Theory

Topic 4: Founding Fathers of Sociology

Topic 5: Why is Culture Important

Topic 6: Values, Norms and Sanctions

Topic 7: Values – Case Study of Australia

Topic 8: Socialisation Into the Self

Topic 9: Socialisation Into Gender and Emotions

Module 2: Inequality in the 21st Century: Local and Global Stratification

Topic 1: Class and Social Stratification

Topic 2: Impact of Class on Health and Education

Topic 3: Social Exclusion: The Insider and Outsider

Topic 4: The Question of Social Mobility

Topic 5: How Can We Understand Class Sociologically 1: Marx

Topic 6: How Can We Understand Class Sociologically 1: Weber

Topic 7: Why is Social Stratification Uniersal?

Topic 8: Global Stratification

Topic 9: Death of Class

Topic 10: Changes in Understanding Class

Module 3: Social Structures

Topic 1: Microstructure vs Macrostructure

Topic 2: The Social Context of Health

Topic 3: Health, Illness and Stigmatisation

Topic 4: Medicalisation

Topic 5: Media and Health

Topic 6: How do Sociologists Think about Religion

Topic 7: The Religious Landscape in Western Societies

Topic 8: Religion Through the Functionalist Lens

Topic 9: Religion – Suppressor or Creator of Change

Topic 10: The Future of Religion

Module 4: From the Concrete to the Elastic

Topic 1: From the Concrete to the Elastic

Topic 2: Changes in the Meaning of Risk Overtime

Topic 3: Different Ways of Understanding Risk

Topic 4: Risk and the Impact on the Individual

Topic 5: Different Views of Contemporary Society

Topic 6: Risk Society Thesis Applies to Religion

Topic 7: Risk Society Thesis Applies to Health

Topic 8: The Risk Society Finalised

Topic 9: How Do These Changes Impact on Sociology

Topic 10: The Self and Society